New Wine in Old Bottles: The Transdiagnostic Model in the Case of Geoffrey


  • Lee Hyer Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, Mercer School of Medicine, Macon, GA, USA



aging, psychotherapy, transdiagnostic model, cognitive-behavior therapy


This reaction to the “Case of Geoffrey” by Dr. Jan Mohlman et al. (2008) highlights its use of a state-of-the-art, clinical combination of the transdiagnostic model and empirically supported, cognitive-behavioral therapies in the treatment of an older adult with multiple problems.  I comment on Dr. Mohlman et al.’s creative use of cognitive rehabilitation, as a necessary adjunct to both anxiety and depression in the elderly, and, more generally, on Dr. Mohlman’s et al.’s unerring use of tactics, strategies, and interventions with Geoffrey.  More specifically, I comment on: (1) the context of aging, both as it applies and serves as background to treatment in later life; (2) evidence-based practice of psychological and psychiatric treatments, as necessary for psychotherapy for older adults; (3) common factors of treatment in Dr. Mohlman et al.’s case that address aging-related issues in therapy which require case-specific alterations that they  creatively considered, applied and monitored; and (4) a discussion of what was missing or lacking in Dr. Mohlman et al.’s approach. Their case of Geoffrey should serve as a model for graduate teaching in psychotherapy for older adults.




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Hyer, L. (2008). New Wine in Old Bottles: The Transdiagnostic Model in the Case of Geoffrey. Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, 4(3), 44–69.