Commentary -- Towards Formalizing a Very Promising Treatment


  • Michael R. Petronko The PTSD Clinic, Grad. Schl. of Applied & Prof. Psychology - Rutgers University



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cognitive behavior therapy, exposure treatment, evidence-based treatment.


Cigrang, Peterson, and Schobitz (2005) present three case studies of a cognitive-behaviorally based approach to treat early symptoms of PTSD in American soldiers fighting in Iraq. Their clinical model is very promising in its capacity not only to address the needs of these soldiers in the combat theater, but also to proactively mitigate more pernicious symptom development subsequent to their return home. As one direction for extending their work, I suggest that they consider further formalizing and standardizing it so as to (a) facilitate group-based research using a model that complements the case studies; (b) enhance its use in training; and (c) increase its capacity for dissemination. I further discuss the role of case studies in developing manualized therapy, together with the issue of degree of structure in manualization.




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Petronko, M. R. (2005). Commentary -- Towards Formalizing a Very Promising Treatment. Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, 1(2).