An Ecological Exploration of Addressing Child Maltreatment


  • Melissa Phillips



multicultural therapy; feminist therapy; child maltreatment; phenomenological, ecological context; case study; clinical case study


This commentary examines the cases of “Bashiir” and “Jaquann” (Singer, Deboard-Lucas, & Fuentes, 2024) through an ecological lens as it pertains to addressing child maltreatment.  The authors of these case studies offered a robust case formulation that provided an enhanced understanding of culturally informed treatment in cases where child maltreatment was a factor.  This commentary explores ways in which the authors skillfully illustrated the theoretical tenets that shaped the treatment interventions, and offers an examination of key elements for further consideration related to child maltreatment.



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Phillips, M. (2024). An Ecological Exploration of Addressing Child Maltreatment. Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, 20(2).