Treating Masculinity: A Commentary on The Hybrid Case Study of "Tommy"


  • Ginelle Wolfe
  • Ronald F. Levant



traditional masculinity ideology, masculine depression, case study, young adult depression, alcohol use disorder, hybrid case study


Dr. Christopher Dewey (2020) wrote up the hybrid case study of "Tommy," a college student who presents with symptoms of masculine depression and alcohol use problems. The importance of this case study is heightened by the current national conversation about masculinity. Context is provided for the topic of men and depression. Consideration is given to the ways Dewey addresses and works as a clinician with traditional masculinity norms that Tommy endorses. Emphasis is given to the way men are socialized at a young age to conform to traditional masculinity norms, and how to work therapeutically with such men. Strengths and critiques of the case are discussed, organized into the following themes: masculine depression, normative male alexithymia, traditional masculinity ideology, discrepancy strain, questioning masculinity, positive masculinity, making masculinity less salient, dealing with problematic alcohol use, family history, trauma, relationships with women, social media consumption, performance as a college student, treatment goals and the course of treatment, and intersectionality.

Author Biographies

Ginelle Wolfe

Ginelle Wolfe

Ronald F. Levant

Ronald F. Levant




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Wolfe, G., & Levant, R. F. (2020). Treating Masculinity: A Commentary on The Hybrid Case Study of "Tommy". Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, 16(3), 320–329.