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Exam: Existential Psychotherapy in a Deep Cultural Context: The Case of “Keo”

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Jan. 16, 2023 -- FROM THE EDITOR  


Existential Psychotherapy in a Deep Cultural Context: The Case of “Keo”

*** Jerrold Shapiro, Santa Clara University   


*** Arthur Bohart, Santa Clara University

*** Amy Curtis, Private Practice, Burlington, VT, & Ronald Miller, Saint Michael's College


        From author Jerrold Shapiro’s Abstract: " 'Keo,' a 23-year-old native Hawaiian man came from a deprived and abusive background. After a period of seeming to turn his life around, Keo became depressed and withdrawn upon learning of a native Hawaiian culture curse that had been perpetrated on him and his sister.

        In the 24 sessions I saw Keo, I drew on my existential therapy principles to focus on his subjective reality and to work in conjunction with the Hawaiian subculture associated with the curse, including referral to a Kahuna, a healer in the native Hawaiian culture.

        A major existential dialectic that emerged in the case was Keo’s pull towards freedom from the curse versus his pull towards the status quo to avoid the anxiety associated with change."

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